What is the Secret Tea Party?

The Secret Tea Party is organised by me, Mrs Stokes, and I'm proud to be the original seller of vintage teasets in valisse boxes. I have a regular Saturday stall at Green Park Station in Bath and also sell at various fairs and markets around the country like Vintage at Goodwood and Portobello Market, where I started. I came up with the idea for The Secret Tea Party after being inspired by London's Underground Tea Party and the organisers kindly gave me their blessing to start one in Bath.

It works like this: you book a ticket and I then reveal the location in the week of the event! And what happens at the do? Well, you get a full afternoon tea with a glass of bubbly in a wonderful location, surrounded by like-minded people who are looking for something sophisticated and fun to do. Plus there's the opportunity to buy vintage china and other vintage treats at a private shopping event and a demo from vintage experts (the nature of which changes each time) - it could be easy hairstyles, dancing, filmstars, whatever I can come up with. Finally you have the option of having your hair and make-up done, vintage-style, by our wonderful make-up artists, The Pop-Up Parlour, for which you pay on the day.

It's a great event...go on, give it a go!